Who is Suhaib Meshah?


The short version is I am a professional model and entertainer. I love what I do.

Who is Suhaib David Meshah? The short version is I am a professional model and entertainer. I love what I do. This is the reason I do my job at the best of my abilities and always try my best to bring something new to the table. I am passionate about fitness, fashion, horse riding and weapons of all kinds, being proficient in all of the above.

However…. All of this is not important. Who I really am is nobody. As well as everybody and anything. When I close my eyes I am a lowly beggar, a speck of dust in an infinite desert of souls, of no importance to the world past, present or future. My eyes open wide… I am a god. I am legion. I am the utmost universal phenomenon known to all sentient knowledge. This is how my eyes see the world. My gaze meets people. They do not understand who or what greets them. Those who do connect feel a primal, animal like tether that they cannot explain. I smile. I pierce their being with my life essence. I live the moment. I walk away.

When I run I feel the hunt. The weak, the strong. The stalker, the prey.

When I train I break entire mountain chains in my body. The floor trembles to the Earth`s core as I shake it towards the end of days.

When I ride I become one with my beast. We pierce the wind, reducing it to nothingness.

When I lust I transform bodies. Reducing them to their most base forms and desires.

When I love, all of existence ceases to be. It is then made anew with new vigour and grace.

This is who I am. I am Suhaib David Meshah. If I have breath in my body, I can do anything.


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About Suhaib

Full name: Suhaib Abdel Naser Meshah Date of birth: 29-01-1990 Height: 188 cm Weight: 88 kilos Eye color: Grey Hair: black, length: lower back Shoe size: 43 Languages: English- good, Arabic: Fluent, Romanian-good, Italian- beginner Based in Rome, Italy
Other: ran and participated in: boot camps designed to promote strength and reflexes; calisthenics designed to be the essence of body weight training; TRX designed to force the body to react to gravity, being suspended by ropes, pushing and pulling in order to promote mobility and strengthen the core; Kangoo jumps designed as a relief for runners, the exercise strengthens one`s musculature and skeletal structure; Yoga, pilates and aerobics.

Fitness:  physical education and sport university graduate, certified as fitness instructor by the Romanian sport federation, master class training, attended various conventions and courses regarding fitness, nutrition and supplements

Sports: Athletics – sprints and jumps, boxing, water polo, diving, wakeboarding, fencing Other: Bungee jumping, amateur small airplane pilot, recreational equestrianism, krav maga self-defence training- freehand and weapons,  amateur kendo practitioner, gun range enthusiast with handguns and submachineguns 
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Fashion and Media:

  • Semi-professional fashion designer for men and women with latest project including a series of  custom made evening dresses
  • Collaboration with ATTITUTE MALE MODELS, most prevalent men`s agency in Romania, as a teenager
  • Collaboration with MRA presently- best achievements being selected to be an image ambassador for various media organisations in the Middle East and Asia
  • MTV talent winner in Bucharest, Romania – awarded the position of VJ where main job responsibilities where reading the news, taking interviews with artists and producers, researching aspects of the music industry, going into the field for events
  • Morning talk show presenter for Prima TV Romania
  • Awarded the title of Most Beautiful Arab in 2016
  • Bachelorette Romania participant, highest ranking in generating ratings
  • Appeared as model for a music video – Amira- Mujer
  • Appeared as guest on various talk shows for Antena 1 Romania
  • Just Fit world image ambassador – Body Fit image ambassador Romania – appeared in promotional commercial